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Positive psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing. Explore the science behind this dynamic field. Discover tools for building resilience, creating growth mindsets and boosting leadership capability. Add credibility and substance to your next development program using evidence-based techniques. Sign up today and get your free 40 page booklet. Plus, receive monthly videos showing how to use positive psychology to bring out the best in your people.

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    Who is it for?

    If you're a busy HR or L&D professional, the toolkit is for YOU.

    The ebook is packed with tips for using positive psychology in coaching, training and facilitation contexts.

    You'll also love the Success Factor video series, which delivers training tips to your inbox every month. All for free.

    What's in the toolkit?

    Tips for using 10 must-know positive psychology models.

    1. Resilience
    2. Growth mindset
    3. Flow
    4. Emotion regulation
    5. Positive emotions
    6. Self determination theory
    7. Learned optimism
    8. Strengths theory
    9. Positive coaching
    10. Constructive communication toolkit

    Who created it?

    Eleanor Shakiba is a master trainer and coach. She's trained over 50,000 people, using positive psychology and experiential learning techniques.

    She started her career as staff development trainer at the University of Sydney. Since 2006, she has been Director of the positive psychology training company, Think Learn Succeed.